Arizona Real Estate Lawyers


“While I will never be perfect . . .”

1. I will COMMUNICATE with my client at all times.
2. I will KEEP my promises. My word is my bond.
3. I will be ACCOUNTABLE. Take responsibility for my actions.
4. I will seek WISDOM. Know what is right.
5. I will strive to demonstrate and practice INTEGRITY. Do what is right.
6. I will be COMPASSIONATE. Do what is right with kindness in my heart.
7. I will RESPECT others. Treat others the way I want to be treated.
8. I will pursue EXCELLENCE. Be and do my very best always.
9. I will FORGIVE others. Extend every grace to all others.
10. I will RESPECT AUTHORITY. Respect the office even when I question the office holder.
11. I will defend LIBERTY. Support the Constitution, the laws and the judicial system of the United States.
12. I will be a life long LEARNER and MENTOR to others. Seek the truth and pass it on.
13. I will SEEK COUNSEL that improves my decisions. There is wisdom in many counselors.
14. I will practice STEWARDSHIP. Deeply tend to that which is within my trust.
15. I will be HONEST. Speak the truth with compassion.



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